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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering department was established in 1988. It is one of the oldest departments in our institute, and is endowed with a highly competitive diploma program affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai (MSBTE).  It has well developed laboratories like Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical operation and Computer etc. Vibrant and creative learning environment is provided for Students.

Aside from excellence in curriculum, the department has made significant contributions to the extra curriculum development of students. Our faculty, as well as students participated in state and national level paper presentation, poster presentations and technical debates, etc. Our students have excelled both in chemical industry and academia. The department has been continually adapting and responding to the rapidly changing economic, social and technological scenarios at the national levels.


To build up the rural students as a technician in chemical field needed for the society and industry.


  • To train technicians to adopt technological development and professional practice in the field of Chemical Engineering.
  • To foster excellence by promoting creativity, critical thinking, sensitivity toward society and respect for the environment. 
  • To make awareness towards society and the environment.
  • To enhance career opportunities for students through exposure to Higher Education, Industry and Entrepreneurship


  • Understand how chemical engineering produces the goods, services needed by industry and society.
  • Apply knowledge and skills to respond to recent technological changes.

Faculty Information:

Sr.No. Name PAN NO. Qualification Area of Specialization Designation Date of Joining Currently Associated Nature of Association Date of Leaving
1 Prof.N.M.Garad ABSPG6923H M.E. Chemical H.O.D. 06/10/1993 Yes Regular --
2 Prof.A.S.Shirsath ALYPS3309R M.E. Chemical Lecturer 29/11/2005 Yes Regular --
3 Prof. S.C.Dighe ALUPD0983A M.E. Chemical Lecturer 10/07/2007 Yes Regular --
4 Prof.P.S.Kale BAKPK3301D M.E. Chemical Lecturer 20/07/2012 Yes Regular --
5 Prof.P.R.Gulave AVSPG2796E M.E. Chemical Lecturer 18/07/2012 Yes Regular --
6 Prof.A.G.Kharde CRGPK6397F B.E. Chemical Lecturer 02/01/2017 Yes Regular --
7 Prof.B.P.Kale BUWPK6996C M.Sc Chemistry Lecturer 15/09/2008 Yes Regular --
8 Prof. M.N. Shelke AEYPS5492J M.Sc Physics Lecturer 25/07/1986 Yes Regular --
9 Prof. J.A. Belkar BNFPB3005H M.Sc Math Lecturer 25/08/2008 Yes Regular --
10 Prof. G.P.Kadu BAPPK4336C M.Sc Chemistry Lecturer 17/09/2010 Yes Regular --

Laboratory Information:

The department has well equipped and well-furnished laboratories with all latest equipments necessary for Research Project Work and conducting practical’s as per MSBTE curriculum.

Sr.No. Name of Laboratory
1 Mass transfer Operation and Energy Management 
2 Heat Transfer Operation and Plant Utility
3 Mechanical Operation and Petrochemical
4 Computer Lab.
5 Chemical Inst. & Process Control
6 Chemical Process Technology and Environment.


Technical Paper Published and Training attended by Faculty:

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Title of Paper Organised By Duration No of Days
1 Prof.N.M.Garad Ethical And Efficient leadership quality of Institutional Development Pravara Rural College of Education ,Loni 12 Jan 2018 to 13 Jan 2018 2
2 Prof.N.M.Garad Counselor Training PRES ,Loni 16 Aug 2017 to 06 Jan 2018 10


2) Prof.A.S.Shirsath

3) Prof S.C.Dighe

4) Prof .P.S.Kale

5)Prof P.R.Gulave

6) Prof .A.G.Kharde

Recent Trends In Process Intensification Chemical  Engineering Dept. of  PREC ,Loni 01 Dec2017 to 14 Dec 2017 15


2) Prof.A.S.Shirsath

3) Prof S.C.Dighe

4) Prof .P.S.Kale

5)Prof P.R.Gulave

1)BiogasFrom Kitchen Waste.

2)Distilleries Effluent for Agriculture.

Pravara Pharmacy College,Loni. 9-10 Feb.2018 02

1)Prof P.R.Gulave

2) Porf .A.G.Kharde

Application of Computer Aided process Simulation.

S.V.I.T.Chincholi.,Nashik 9-10 Feb.2018 02

1) Prof S.C.Dighe

2) Prof .P.S.Kale

State Level Seminar

Pravara Pharmacy College,Loni. 8th  Feb.2018 01

 Achievements by Department:

  • Department received an excellent grade Award from Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai for Academic Performance in 2016-17.
  • Our toppers in summer 2017 examination.
Sr.No. Name of Students Marks Obtained Percentage
1 Shaikh Yunnus A. 1356/1650 82.18
2 Godge Amol B. 1345/1650 81.51
3 Unhale Saurabh B. 1308/1650 79.27

 Campus Placements:

Sr.No. Name of Industry Approached for Campus Interview No. of Students Selected/Shortlisted Salary Per Annum  in Lacks
1 Alkyl Amines  Ltd Kurkumb,Daund 05 1.80 
2 Cipla  Pharmaceutical, Kurkumb,Daund 10 1.60
3 Harman Finochem,Aurangabad. 08(Shortlisted) --
4 Technoforce Ltd,Nashik 10(Shortlisted) ---  
5 Gharda Chemicals, Dombivali and Lote. 05 1.44
6 Tata Autocom Ltd,Chakan 03 1.5
7 Hindustan Chemical , Bhaurch. 01 1.6
8 Privi Organics, Mahad 03 1.8

Other Activities for overall Development of Students.:

  • Remedial Classes Conducted for Students.
  • MOUs signed with Industries.
  • Various Co-curricular activities and Expert Lectures were conducted for Personality Development of Students.

A)Expert Lecture Conducted:

Sr.No. Name of Expert Name of the topic Date

Mulye Saheb Safety Officers 

P.Dr.V.V.Patil S.S.K.Pravaranagar

Industrial Fire Safety Equipment 08/01/2018

Hon’ble Shri.Vivek Sukhatanakar

Vice President International  Projects and Execution Praj Industries Ltd.Pune

Project Management 06/01/2018

Mr.Rameshwar G.Miniyar

Director , Maghnand food products Ahmednagar 

New Entrepreneur  Development 09/01/2018

Mr.Mayur  R. Miniyar

Personality Development and Brain Storming Motivation 09/01/2018

Shri.avinash Salunke 

Proprietor Director , Promotor Pestomatic Controls Pvt. Ltd Mumbai, Innovative Hydro phonics  Pvt.Ltd.Pune

Barefooters Academy Pune 

Pest Control Fumigation Pune

Personality Development Entrepreneurship and  opportunities in Fields 10/01/2018

Sujata Manolkar 

Trainer ( Entrepreneur Development  Freelance  Trainer Ahmednagar

Communication Skill and How to Prepare for Interview  10/01/2018

Mr.Vijay Pratap

Branch Manager 

SBI Loni Tal Rahata 

Financial Institution and Entrepreneurship 10/01/2018

Prof N.M.Garad 

Head of the  Chemical Engg Department Loni

Carrere Guidance   17/01/2018

Mr.Abhijit Barahate 

Co-founder & Business Development Manager Perth (Australia)

Opportunities for Chemical Engineer In Petro Chemical Industries 23/01/2018

 B)Activity Conducted:

Sr.No. Activity Conducted Date
1 Celebration of Teacher’s Day. 05/09/2017
2 Expert Lecture with Demonstration on fire and Safety. 08/01/2018
3 Grooming and Personality development organized by Lokmat Group and Gillet Blade Ltd. 14/02/2018


Chemical Engineering Department of P.Dr.V.Vikhe Patil Polytechnic (0030) organized an expert lecture 0f  Alumni Mr. Abhijeet Barhate (Cofounder and Business Development Manager, Drill Insight, Perth-Australia, Batch-2001) on “Opportunities for Chemical Engineers in Petroleum Sector in India and Abroad.” On this occasion Honble Nam. Shri. Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil-Opposition Leader Maharashtra Assembly, along with Honble Shri. Annasaheb Mhaske Patil - Ex. Minister , Dr.Sarjerao Nimse, Director General, PRES Loni, Prof. Manoj Parjane, Principal, Polytechnic, Loni Felicitated him. The program was held on 23/1/2018.

Chemical Engineering Department of P.Dr.V.Vikhe Patil Polytechnic (0030) has conducted an expert lecture with demonstration on “Fire and Safety” to all students and faculty. Dr. Anand Pawar, Dy.Secretary, Aurangabad, Sau. Dhnashritai Vikhe, Director, Brilliant Birds Academy Loni , Shri Mule, Safety Officer P.Dr. V.V.Patil Co-operative Sugar Factroy, Pravaranagar, Prof. Sharad Rokade, Technical Education Director, PRES Loni, Prof. Manoj Parjane Principal, Mr.N.M.Garad, HOD, Prof A. S. Shirsath, Prof. S. C. Dighe, Prof. P.S. Kale, Prof. P.R. Gulave were present for the demonstration. (Dated on: 08/01/2018).

Industrial Visit of Second year and Third year chemical at the Distillery plant of P.DR.V.V.Patil   sahakari sakar Karkhana,Pravaranagar.









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